Cardozo Student Sarah Gregory Learns About Media Reform on Internship in Jordan

Aug 22, 2008 — Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law student Sarah Gregory got an insider’s view on media law reform and free speech issues in Amman, Jordan, during a summer internship with AmmanNet radio station, Center for Defending the Freedom of Journalists, and Al Isra University Law School. Gregory was one of 154 law students who chose to spend the summer working in the public sector with the support of stipends from Cardozo. The school awarded a total of $556,000 to students working in government agencies, international organizations, and judicial chambers. They work to make a difference in fields as diverse as prisoners’ legal services, family violence, Medicare rights, and the environment, and in places as far as Kenya, Rwanda, Budapest, and Hong Kong. Gregory kept a journal for Cardozo’s Web site while in Jordan – click here to read it.

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