Care Café and a March to End Domestic Violence

By Kimberly Moore, Director
Care Café

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, Care Café participated in a powerful and moving activity: a march to end domestic violence with a local community-based organization in Harlem, W.A.R.M. (We All Really Matter).



Stephanie McGraw, Founder

Founder Stephanie McGraw and her dedicated team of volunteers led the charge with a “loud, proud, passionate, voice of fire” through the streets of Harlem, raising the public’s awareness about the trauma, tragedy, impact, and complexities of domestic violence. Speakers and attendees included domestic violence survivors, families, and friends of those who tragically died because of violence, and a call to action those suffering in silence now to seek help right away!

Our representatives from NYPD Community Affairs Units, Manhattan Borough President, and City Council members were present to share their commitment to service including increasing opportunities for prevention and education, support services for victims and survivors, and strengthening partnerships between academia and community-based organizations.

Wurzweiler Care Café Interns Allysha B., Olivia B., Chanette B. and Council Member Mark Levine

We are so grateful for the opportunity to have served with Ms. McGraw and W.A.R.M. and our partnership is just beginning. We are already in motion to provide longer term direct care social support to program participants through Care Café.

Care Café and W.A.R.M. volunteers with representative from rom Gale Brewer’s office, Council Member Mark Levine, NYPD Community Affairs Sergeant

To the Care Café Interns and volunteers, thank You for your talent, service, and support with helping to coordinate this event!