Care Café Celebrates Hanukkah with Nachas Health and Family Network

On Monday, Dec. 6, 2021, Yeshiva University’s Care Café and community partner, Nachas Health and Family Network, celebrated Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, at the Schick’s Manor in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

Care Café team members had the honor and privilege of co-hosting more than 130 Holocaust Survivors and their families for joyful lunch and concert. This activity was the first community-wide events for Nachas since the pandemic as many members were disconnected from their friends for more than one year. Ms. Rizy Horowitz, Administrator at Nachas Health was elated by the turnout and commented, “I am asked where all of the Holocaust survivors are. They’re right here in this room!”

Care Café prepared and distributed gift bags for all attendees filled with day-to-day essential items such as rain ponchos, handy shoppers, and culinary utensils. Attendees were grateful for their gifts. As the survivors entered that banquet hall, warm greetings were expressed to one another.

Accompanying a delicious meal, the rich, timeless voice of renowned musician, Avraham Fried, accompanied by his band, filled the banquet hall with joy as everyone clapped and sang along to his spirited musical selections. Other selections were offered by talented children singers from the audience as well.

New York City Council Member Kalman Yeger (District 44), an invited guest, kindly offered remarks and shared a message of hope to the survivors. Council Member Yeger expressed reverence and gratitude for the survivors, their teachings, sacrifices, and preservation of Jewish heritage. His heartfelt personal reflection illustrated how his faith and values are interwoven into the fabric of his life overall.

Yeshiva University is committed to preserving the legacy of the survivors of the Holocaust by raising awareness and engaging with these “Living Treasures.”  Care Café also continues to partner with Nachas Health to bring programming to Holocaust survivors.

To Nachas, Yeshiva University values your partnership. We deeply appreciate the opportunity to have spent time with such a wonderful group of people.

Thank you to the Care Café interns, Allysha B. and Olivia B., for their support and service in making this event a success. You’re a great team!  Also, a big thank you to Eric Grossman, field education director, for his service and support for Nachas and Care Café.

Should you wish to learn more about the work wonderful work of Nachas Health and to get involved, please feel free to reach out to Care Café at Also, check out the Nachas website at