CJF Interactive Pesach Study Program Engages Thousands

#EmpoweredLearning Participants Tackle Passover Question Presented by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

This week, in preparation for the holiday of Passover, an online program organized by Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future is bringing an interactive Torah-learning experience to thousands of users within the YU community and beyond.

The program, #EmpoweredLearning, features YU scholars who introduce profound and intriguing questions in a 10-minute video presentation, leaving viewers with sources and texts which will empower them to discover their own answers. During the week, participants can discuss the questions in an open online forum, until the following week when the presenter’s answer is revealed in three-minute video, followed by a new presenter posing a fresh set of questions.

In this week’s video, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Kressel and Ephrat Family University Professor of Jewish Thought at Yeshiva University, challenged viewers to use the lens of Passover to explore questions of Jewish history and destiny. Participants are forming their own responses based on the source material provided and sharing ideas online as they wait for Rabbi Sacks’ answer video, which will be revealed on Sunday, March 29.

“The goal is to transform the passive learning experience to an active one, where learners are challenged, inspired and empowered to find their own answers to profound Jewish questions,” said Rabbi Ari Sytner, director of community initiatives at the CJF. “In the last week alone, thousands of people from 55 countries around the world have connected to #EmpoweredLearning, including many synagogue rabbis and school teachers, who have brought the program as a hybrid model into their institutions. It is a great way for educators to now bring scholars like Rabbi Sacks into their own classrooms, communities and synagogues.”

To register or to learn more about #EmpoweredLearning, visit www.yutorah.org/holidays.