Concert to Benefit Women's Charities

Social Justice Society Presents Empowerment Benefit Chanukah Concert on Dec. 7

The YU Social Justice Society is holding a Chanukah concert for women. Inspired by the recent global and humanitarian movement to empower women, the concert will raise funds for three different women charities: CAMFED (women’s education in Africa), ORA (Organization for the Resolution of Agunot) and Sharsheret (helping Jewish women with breast cancer.) The ticket bearer decides where their ticket proceeds will go by checking off their chosen charity on the ticket.

The concert will feature Grammy-nominated Neshama Carlebach, who will be singing alongside Reverend Roger Hambrick and members of the Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir. Opening for Ms. Carlebach is YU’s all-female a capella group, the B’notes, and ERA, a female rock band hailing from Florida.

“We wanted to highlight the power women have when they come together for a cause. Women uniting to help other women is a crucial step towards eventual equality. One doesn’t need to look too far to see that in the twenty-first century there still is an unfortunate discrepancy between genders in terms of education, funding for health causes, salary, and societal roles. Women need to keep on standing up against gender discrimination,” said Ilana Hostyk, the organizer of the concert.

The concert will take place on December 7, the sixth night of Chanukah, in Midtown Manhattan.

In recent months, the New York Times, Nike’s Girl Effect campaign, and the UN Global Millennium Project have all highlighted empowering women as the way to solve world poverty and other humanitarian crises. The concert is the YU SJS’s second event in their campaign for women worldwide. They first led a book discussion on Nicholas Kristof’ and Sheryl WuDunn’s Half the Sky, and are planning subsequent events, including a panel on how men can help women’s leadership.

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