Counseling Center Helps Students Adjust to College Life

Dec 21, 2004 — Entering college brings with it a host of changes in students’ lives: greater responsibilities, a rigorous course load, a new community, social pressures, and for some, a foreign language. In fact, entering college ranks as one of the top 25 stressful life-changing events on most scales of psychological measure. Beginning this winter, a new confidential counseling center will help to ease the transition for students on all of YU’s Manhattan campuses.

The Confidential Counseling Center, which opens in January under the directorship of former NYU psychiatrist Victor Schwartz, MD, will provide services to students at the Wilf, Beren, and Brookdale campuses.

A frequent consultant on psychological issues to many rabbis, Jewish day schools, and Jewish communal organizations in New York City, Dr. Schwartz is no stranger to YU. He is a 1977 alumnus of Yeshiva College, and since 1996 has consulted with the Department of Student Affairs on issues of psychiatric treatment for students. He also helped train YU’s student affairs, counseling, and housing staff. Dr. Schwartz has served the NYU community in varying capacities, most notably as chief psychiatrist and medical director of the NYU University Counseling Service.

Efrem Nulman, DSW, senior university dean of students, eagerly anticipates the expansion of Dr. Schwartz’s role at YU, and applauds the support the center has received from YU leadership. “From the first day, President Richard Joel and Vice President Hillel Davis recognized that a confidential counseling service is the best way to offer our students the help they need.” The creation of the center is yet another step toward the fulfillment of the new administration’s vision of creating a supportive, student-centered environment at YU.

Dr. Nulman also expects the center to provide appropriate opportunities for student interns from YU’s graduate schools. Dr. Nulman and Dr. Schwartz will meet with leadership at each school on the Manhattan campuses to determine their needs and how best to provide services for them.

“This will enhance student life at YU significantly,” confirms Dr. Nulman. “Adjustment to college is a difficult process and we, as an institution, want to address the psychological challenges students encounter as they develop here.”

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