Dr. Victor Schwartz Appears on National Radio Show Highlighting Mental Health Issues on College Campuses

Jun 5, 2008 — Dr. Victor Schwartz, Yeshiva University Dean of Students and a national authority on mental health, depression, and suicide prevention on college campuses, shared his expertise on the syndicated Radio Health Journal program Screening College Students for Mental Health Red Flags, which was broadcast May 25 to more than 400 stations across the country.

Listen to Dr. Victor Schwartz discuss mental health awareness on college campuses.

“College counseling services are reporting seeing double the students that they did seven to 10 years ago,” said Dr. Schwartz, who co-chairs the task force on college mental health for the American Psychiatric Association (APA). “What we don’t know for certain is whether there are more troubled students out there than there were 10 years ago or whether there are simply more students availing themselves of services at our colleges.”

Dr. Schwartz also discussed the complexities of maintaining patient confidentiality while simultaneously protecting the university community.

“The interaction is very subtle and complicated,” he said. “However, as schools become more aware of the issues involved, they become better prepared to address them properly.”

In the past month, Dr. Schwartz has also been featured on Mental Health Update, a special on Manhattan cable television. He also participated at the APA national conventio

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