Empowering Women’s Torah Learning at Stern

Dear Students, Alumnae and Friends, 

At Stern College, we are committed to educating and inspiring generations of advanced female learners in all fields of Torah, including Talmud and Halacha. It is core to our mission. At Yeshiva University we are at the forefront of female Torah scholarship at all levels. President Ari Berman has stated emphatically that “…one of the most pronounced accomplishments of [YU] is our contribution to advanced Talmud Torah for women.”

We are fortunate and blessed that Torah study at Stern College is flourishing with over 75 classes in the Fall semester alone and close to 20 optional weekly Shiurim and Chaburot. Our Bet Midrash is full and engaged. Please see articles by Dean Shoshana Schechter here, and Director of GPATS, Nechama Price here. 

Rabbi Moshe Kahn’s recent passing has precipitated an outpouring of love and concern about the future of Torah study for women. His death has been a deep and tremendous loss for our community. We are pleased to share that Rabbi David Nachbar, an esteemed member of our Torah faculty, will be teaching a number of Rabbi Kahn’s classes. We hope that recent discussions will inspire stronger enrollment, especially in our Talmud classes. 

We have been planning a number of new initiatives. We would be delighted if those who support women’s advanced Torah study and the students, friends and supporters of Rabbi Kahn would endow a Rabbi Moshe Kahn Chair of Talmud Studies for Women. We are also seeking to create a new cohort program of Matmidot Scholars for young women to learn Tanach and Talmud on the highest levels. We hope that they can become the Torah leaders and educators of the next generation. 

If you are interested in contributing to these efforts, please contact Galit Reichlin at Galit.Reichlin@yu.edu or at 646.592.6870. Thank you for your support. 

Together we can continue to create a stronger, more engaged future for women’s Jewish education and leadership. 

Dr. Karen Bacon 

The Mordecai D. Katz and Dr. Monique C. Katz Dean of the Undergraduate Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Yeshiva University 

Dean Shoshana Schechter 

Associate Dean of Torah Studies and Spiritual Life; Director, Mechina Program; Senior Lecturer in Bible 

Professor Nechama Price 

Senior Lecturer of Judaic Studies and Bible; Director of Yeshiva University’s Graduate Program for Advanced Talmudic Studies (GPATS) 

Dr. Deena Rabinovich 

Chair, Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies; Director, Legacy Heritage Fund and Jewish Educators Project 

Dr. Erica Brown 

Vice Provost for Values and Leadership; Director, Sacks-Herenstein Center