Eshkol Lions 51 – Akiva Pioneers 49

New York, NY, Mar 20, 2004 — This is what Sarachek is all about.

Two teams playing on a Saturday night. Not the best teams in the tournament – Eshkol was seeded 16th coming in, Akiva 18th – but very evenly matched and bringing scores of screaming fans with them, they squared off for the relatively obscure Tier III quarterfinal.

Featuring runs, comebacks, and lead changes, the 6th seeded Eshkol Lions (1-1 Sarachek) ultimately defeated the favored #3 Akiva Pioneers (1-2 Sarachek), 51-49.

For Eshkol, Yakir Or scored 17 points, and Moshe Spria contributed 14 more. Daniel Teger of Detroit led all scorers with 22 points.

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