Faculty Growth and Enrichment of Campus Life are Linchpins of Excellence

Jul 27, 2004 — In his year-end address to the YU community July 30, President Richard M. Joel outlined the extraordinary advances of this past year and the opportunities for growth and excellence ahead.

“A university-wide strategic planning process is well underway. With our boards, who are overseeing the strategic planning process, my cabinet, the deans, faculty and senior staff, we’ve been working to build a plan that puts into action programs and initiatives that enhance themes first broached at my investiture last September — academic excellence, nobility of purpose in education, community building, and the centrality of Israel.

While we reflect on each school’s illustrious past, we should also focus on their growth, physically and academically. Our actions this year, and in the coming academic year, underscore my pledge to make undergraduate colleges schools of choice, and establish synergy with our graduate schools so students at all levels feel connected.

In this light, I have come to appreciate even more the quality of our faculty and their extraordinary commitment. Our commitment to them will be the linchpin of Yeshiva’s next chapter. Excellence translates into having faculty dedicated to helping students fulfill their potential and expand their horizons. To strengthen the superb ranks of our existent faculty, major steps have been taken in the past three and a half years, by Mort Lowengrub, vice president for academic affairs, and the deans of our colleges and schools.

This coming year alone, 15 full-time undergraduate faculty members have joined the university, while four professors have been recruited at Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. The full list of this year’s new faculty follows. Moreover, a listing of dozens of new faculty recruited during the past few years can be found on our Web site at http://www.yu.edu/Faculty1.pdf

Among the many accomplished new professors is David Pelcovitz, PhD, a national academic and clinical authority on child and adolescent development, post-traumatic stress disorder, and children at risk. He joins the faculty of Azrieli as professor and as special assistant to the president.

Our commitment to academic excellence for, and from our students, is matched by our quest to enhance the quality of campus life and create a 21st century learning environment, embodied in a variety of impressive physical improvements in and around our campuses.”

New Faculty 2004-2005

Stern College

Odelia Cohen, instructor of Hebrew
Bryan Daves, assistant professor of political science
Hilla Goldwicht, instructor of Hebrew language
Ronit Levy, visiting assistant professor
Nachama Price, instructor of Jewish studies
Esther Scheiner, instructor of education
Binyamin Tabory, instructor of Jewish studies

Yeshiva College

Neer Asherie, assistant professor of physics and biology
Sergey Buldyrev, professor of physics
Sarah Kasher, lecturer of Hebrew
David Moore, professor of psychology
Stephen Pimpare, assistant professor of political science
Evan Resnick, lecturer of political science
Allison Smith, lecturer in English and assistant director of the Writing Center
Richard White, lecturer in Jewish studies

Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Adminstration

David Pelcovitz, professor of education and psychology

Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology

Jonathan Feldman, assistant professor of psychology
Roee Holtzer, assistant professor psychology

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Alex Stein, professor of law

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