Fine Delivers Khan Academy Lesson

Dr. Steven Fine Presents Online Lesson on Relief From The Arch of Titus

Dr. Steven Fine, the Dr. Pinkhos Churgin Professor of Jewish History, recently collaborated with Khan Academy to produce a video about the relief from the Arch of Titus for the “Judaism and Art” division. Khan Academy is a not-for-profit with a goal of changing education by providing free online content in the areas of math, science, economics, art and computing, available to students across the world.

Fine’s video, recorded alongside Dr. Beth Harris, dean of Art and History at Khan Academy, builds on the existing Arch of Titus restoration project and features pictures from Fine’s recent trips to Rome. The Arch of Titus Digital Restoration Project began with a pilot study of the Arch’s menorah and now plans to reconstruct the original colors and explore other elements of the arch.

“Khan Academy is at the forefront of Web and education,” said Fine, “so I was thrilled to respond positively when asked to be a contributing editor there. As one who constantly looks to bring technology into my classroom—as an enhancement to the vital face to face experience of learning—I am thrilled to be a part. More than that, Khan provides a broad audience for my work, which is thrilling.”

Fine was specifically invited into this project to bring a Jewish voice to the interpretation of ancient art and culture. “This notion of multi-voices and multiple viewpoints is cutting-edge in contemporary scholarship,” Fine said. “It is an approach to which our community, with our multiple commitments to Torah and Madda, is well prepared to contribute.”

Segments about other featured Jewish landmarks, as well as segments taught by other Yeshiva University professors, are forthcoming.