First YU STEM Exposition

Yeshiva University’s first-ever STEM Exposition was held on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, in Weissberg Commons, thanks to the organizing talents of Tamar Leiser ’23S (with a major in physical sciences and a minor in math) and Temira Koenig ’24S (with a major in physics).

The idea of this event was to create a space for students to convey their passion for STEM (an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math). This was clearly evident by the end of the night with Dr. Lawrence Teitelman, clinical assistant professor of computer science at Stern College for Women, commenting that “every student presenter is clearly so passionate about their field.” The organizers sought to show that Yeshiva University can be a top destination for students interested in all the fields and careers that come along with science and math. Due to the wide variety of presentations and topics, they felt this event was a success!

The STEM Expo began as an idea from the YU Engineering Club, and then grew to involve the Office of Student Life, the Shevet Glaubach Center (SGC), Admissions, and the Environmental, Computer Science, and Cancer Research clubs, as well as numerous faculty and academic departments across both campuses.

The program began with student presentations set up around the room for attendees to walk around. The students and professors in attendance heard presentations on a variety of topics, such as cutting-edge research, space exploration and genetic studies. Also in attendance was an undergrad alumnus currently in a YU graduate program, an SGC representative and a small number of prospective students.


Three students exhibit their posters in the STEM exposition. STEM exposition yu


After the first portion of the event and a small break for dinner and networking, the evening ended with a fascinating faculty panel comprised of current Yeshiva College and Stern College professors from physics, biology, chemistry, and computer science. Students got to hear from their professors about their programs, their advice for career advancement and their experiences in their fields.

The event concluded with a quick and fun trivia game, with both students and professors competing for top scores. Congratulations to Gila Linzer ’24S on winning first place!

Thank you to Tamar Leiser for her help with this article.