Furst Hall Lobby Exhibit Commemorates 800th Anniversary of Maimonides’ Death

L-R: Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim, Maxwell R. Maybaum Chair in Talmud and Sephardic Codes (Halakhah); Rabbi Yamin Levy, academic director of the Sephardic Studies Program; Dr. Herbert C. Dobrinsky, vice president for university affairs; and Hazzan Moshe Tessone, director of Sephardic Community Programs.

Jan 13, 2005 — Yeshiva University’s Jacob E. Safra Institute of Sephardic Studies is commemorating the 800th anniversary of the death of Moses Maimonides—legendary Talmudist, philosopher, and physician—with a display of artifacts and books in the lobby of Furst Hall on the Wilf Campus.

Maimonides was the most influential Jewish thinker of the Middle Ages, and his work had a profound effect on philosophers on both the Christian and Modern Jewish traditions.

“We feel it is important that students, faculty, administration, and visitors remember the influence and legacy the great teacher Maimonides,” said Rabbi Yamin Levy, academic director of the Sephardic Studies Department.

The Sephardic Studies Department is planning a lecture this spring to celebrate Maimonides’ contributions.

In 2004, YU hosted two conferences, which featured internationally recognized Maimonides scholars. Sessions covered Maimonides’ views on Jewish law, philosophy, science and medicine, and his influence to this day.


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