Gathering at Yeshiva University to Offer Rabbis Unique Opportunity for Leadership Training and Growth

Aug 22, 2005 — More than 40 rabbis from the United States and Canada will gather in Teaneck, NJ, under the auspices of Yeshiva University (YU) Sept. 12-14. The two-and-a half day event, called a yarchei kallah and facilitated by Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter, senior scholar of the Center for the Jewish Future (CJF), will offer spiritual leaders in the Modern Orthodox community opportunities for study, sharing, and growth related to the many facets of rabbinic, congregational, and community life.

The gathering will focus on the upcoming High Holy Days, the holiday of Sukkot, the Book of Genesis, and the life of Rashi, the medieval biblical commentator, in honor of the 900th anniversary of his death. It will emphasize materials for sermons and feature study sessions, including with Rabbi Kenneth Brander, CJF dean. His lectures will highlight contemporary halakhic issues and creative ways to improve programming in the rabbis’ synagogues.

The yarchei kallah will also include remarks by YU President Richard M. Joel; a session with CJF staff member Rabbi Moshe Bellows, a professional coach who assists individuals and companies to achieve and attain their full potential; and group discussions with noted psychoanalyst Shana Yocheved Schacter on a broad range of personal and professional issues.

An important opportunity for the rabbinic community, the yarchei kallah concept was developed to provide an intensive and supportive learning environment within which participants can test new ideas and discuss their challenges and successes. Its primary objective is to empower rabbis to become transformative leaders in their own communities and to address the challenges of today’s Orthodox rabbinate.

Participants at the upcoming yarchei kallah will represent geographic and community settings as diverse as Los Angeles, Memphis, Charleston, Edmonton, Allentown, Vancouver, Sacramento, Boca Raton, Springfield, Baltimore, New York, and San Francisco. CJF plans to conduct similar gatherings during the coming year for a wide range of Jewish communal professionals including principals, teachers, and rabbis’ wives in communities across North America.

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