General Studies and Judaic Studies Requirements Will Change This Fall

Starting Fall 2019, Students Will Have an Expanded Range of Course Options

Pile of booksIn Fall 2019, curriculum requirements for General Studies will change at Yeshiva College.

First, 40 courses, instead of the current 25, will meet CORE requirements, giving students more opportunities to pursue interests.

Second, individual codes for the six CORE requirements will be eliminated. (See the six below). Instead, students will identify courses that meet CORE requirements by checking the “attributes” of courses in each of our departments. This is the same way that “Honors” or “Writing Intensive” are currently identified.

Third, two courses taken to fulfill CORE requirements may also count towards students’ major requirements. This new policy is an expansion of the science model that has existed until now, in which science and STEM majors meet EXQM and NAWO CORE requirements through courses in their majors.

There will also be changes to Judaic Studies.

The new structure will move away from fixed requirements, including specific courses in Bible and Jewish History, and allow students to choose their courses from an expanded range of options. Students will still take at least one course in Jewish History, one in Bible, and one in a new category called Jewish Thought.

Individual codes to be eliminated: Contemporary World Cultures (COWC), Cultures Over Time (CUOT), Experimental & Quantitative Methods (EXQM), Human Behavior & Social Institutions (HBSI), Interpreting the Creative (INTC) and Natural World (NAWO).