Grads Celebrate at Senior Dinner

Senior Class Reflects on Memories and Accomplishments of Shared College Experience

On April 26, Yeshiva University’s annual Senior Dinner took place at Studio 450 NY. Students had the opportunity to mingle and take pictures at a photobooth with their friends as they enjoyed a gourmet meal.

“We wanted students to have memories to take home with them,” said Chaya Levinson, senior class president. During the dinner, Levinson spoke about memories she and her classmates had made, referencing shuttle rides and everyone’s favorite caf food, teriyaki salmon. The event also featured entertainment by Jiggy, a comedian known for his performances on Comedy Central and Madison Square Garden.

“I had a great time at the Senior Dinner — the comedian was hilarious, the food was great, and I had a blast with my friends,” said senior Dalia Sieger.

“The class was able to come together to reminisce, celebrate, and have one final night with their friends before graduation,” said Levinson. “It provided a time for us to reflect on the past three to four years of our college experience and celebrate all that we have accomplished.”

The dinner was organized by the senior class, as well as the Office of Student Life.