High School Junior Elissa Gelnick Also Wins First Prize in Jerusalem Science Contest

Mar 9, 2005 — Elissa Gelnick of the Bronx, a junior at Samuel H. Wang Yeshiva University High School for Girls (SWHSG), was awarded a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to Jerusalem College of Technology (JCT) and a free trip to Israel in May for winning first prize in this year’s Jerusalem Science Contest.

Held from November to February, the contest was jointly sponsored by Integrated DNA Technologies Inc. and JCT. Ms. Gelnick, who entered the contest after an aunt in Chicago told her about it, took 11 physics tests over the three-month period and traveled to Chicago Feb. 27 for a final written and verbal exam.

“It felt pretty cool to win and the scholarship is amazing,” said Ms. Gelnick, who enjoys soccer, swimming, writing poetry, and listening to music. “Now I just feel like I can take on anything.”

Ms. Gelnick, who likes physics because she “enjoys figuring out how the world works,” wants to be an architect and has yet to decide if she will attend JCT after graduating from high school.

“We are proud of Elissa’s determination to succeed and reach her desired goals,” said Rochelle Brand, principal of SWHSG. “She represents the true meaning of Torah Umadda, the synthesis of general and Jewish studies.”

Ms. Gelnick is the daughter of Barbara and Kenny Gelnick.


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