High School Juniors to Converge on YU This Summer

Dec 7, 2004 — This summer, high school juniors from around the country will spend four weeks at YU’s Wilf and Beren campuses as part of a new, four-week program of specially tailored classes in Jewish and general studies.

“Summer at YU” offers 11th graders a taste of what YU has to offer through beit midrash-based learning and liberal arts and science or business classes. At the Wilf Campus, boys will focus on the history of Halakhah; and study talmudic, medieval, and early modern halakhic texts and the intellectual and social history of the Jewish communities and rabbinic scholars.

They also can choose to study “The World of Finance and Investment,” a practical experience establishing and analyzing a portfolio of investments and working with traders, financial planners, and entrepreneurs; or “Explorations in Genetics and Molecular Biology,” a laboratory experience introducing students to the theory and techniques of molecular biology.

At the Beren Campus, girls will delve into biblical themes in Jewish philosophy and thought, study biblical texts with traditional medieval and modern commentaries, and conduct analysis through the prism of Jewish philosophical literature. They can also study “Explorations in Genetics and Molecular Biology” or “Computer Design,” a hands-on experience using Mac computers to design various presentation materials including Web pages.

Students at both campuses can also participate in an array of college preparatory workshops and a film and discussion series, work out in YU’s fitness centers, and explore the best of cultural New York. Each week will end with a Shabbaton in nearby communities in the company of YU faculty and students.

Summer at YU is coordinated by Aliza Stareshefsky (summer@yu.edu) and staffed by YU faculty. Current YC, SCW, and SSSB students will serve as advisers and mentors.

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