Honors Programs to Offer Three New Summer Courses

Mar 4, 2004 — This summer, YU undergraduates will get the chance to walk in the footsteps of Charles Dickens and James Joyce, dig for artifacts in ancient sites, and study life under the sea.

“Yeshiva undergraduates can study a wide array of courses on three continents that have never been offered before,” said Cynthia Wachtell, director of Stern College for Women’s S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program.

An archaeology and ecology field course in Israel, July 6 to Aug. 6, is open to all undergraduates. Headed by biology prof. Vincent Chiappetta and sociology/archaeology prof. Jill Katz, the course will take place at Tel es-Safi/Gath, an archaeological site in the biblical city of Gath. Students will gain both academic and practical experience in recovering and analyzing material remains and in methods of ecological research. Other program highlights include lectures, as well as field trips to museums and local archaeological and ecological sites. The Israel program fulfills the summer experience requirement for YC honors participants, and SCW students will receive honors course credits for an enhanced version of the course.

The S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program offers a two-credit course in marine biology and oceanography from May 31 to June 13. Students will spend the first week at the Israel Henry Beren Campus making field excursions and studying marine biology. The second half of the program will take place at the Darling Marine Center, the marine laboratory of the University of Maine, where students will conduct research on the open ocean and collect live species for lab analysis.

“Students will meet with local marine biologists familiar with Maine’s coastal environment and they will learn what it takes to design an experiment and carry it through,” said Joseph DeSantis, assistant professor of biology. Students will be accompanied by prof. DeSantis, Ethel Orlian, associate dean of Stern College, and her husband Rabbi J. Mitchell Orlian, associate professor of Bible.

The Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program of Yeshiva College will offer two coordinated courses June 1 to July 6 in New York City, Dublin, and London, in part to honor the 100th anniversary of Bloomsday, the fictional day in which James Joyce’s novel Ulysses takes place.

Students will spend the first three weeks in New York City taking “Creative Writing: Fiction and Poetry,” taught by English profs. Nadine Kavanaugh and Gillian Steinberg, and “Understanding the City,” taught by prof. Steinberg with guest lectures by Joan Haar, prof. of English, Will Lee, director of the Schottenstein Honors Program, and Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Rosenblatt, a James Joyce scholar and the rabbi of Riverdale Jewish Center.

The last two weeks will be spent in London and Dublin under profs. Lee, Haar, and Rabbi Rosenblatt. In New York and abroad, students will explore London, Dublin, and cities in general through literature, art, music, film, politics, geography, and history. Most of their creative writing will revolve around urban themes. As in previous Schottenstein Honors Summer Courses abroad, students will enhance this secular education with Torah learning. The London/Dublin program also fulfills the YC honors summer experience requirement.

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