Hundreds Attend Job Fair

Hundreds Attend YU Jewish Job Fair for Communal and Educational Careers

More than 300 job-seekers took part in Yeshiva University’s annual Jewish Job Fair on February 9.

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Dozens of Jewish community organizations from across the country took part, including Camp Shalom, Manhattan Jewish Experience, Yachad, Areyvut, Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, Nefesh B’ Nefesh, OHEL, 92nd Street Y, and Yeshiva University. The fair also featured more than 35 day schools, including SINAI Schools, Yavneh Academy, YULA Girls High School, SAR Academy, Hillel Day School of Boca Raton, Manhattan Day School, and Fuchs Mizrachi School.

“In a society which has sanctified the needs of the individual, it is wonderful to see young people who possess an ever increasing thirst to live lives of meaning,” said Rabbi Kenneth Brander, David Mitzner Dean of YU’s Center for the Jewish Future. “The Jewish Job Fair allows our students, alumni and the greater community, to learn about the professional opportunities available and which are appropriate for their talents and to enable them to live meaningful and productive lives.”

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