In Memoriam, Rabbi Ozer Glickman

Yeshiva University Community Mourns Passing of Beloved Rosh Yeshiva

Yeshiva University is deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic passing of Rabbi Ozer Glickman z”l on March 19, 2018. Rabbi Glickman was a Rosh Yeshiva at Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) and taught at Sy Syms School of Business, Isaac Breuer College (IBC), and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, where he served as senior resident rabbinic scholar, adjunct professor of law at the Center for the Study of Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization and was affiliated with its Program in Jewish Law and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Rabbi Ozer Glickman

A seat in one of his classes was highly sought-after by students; his two current classes, “Business and Jewish Law” at Sy Syms and “Jewish Values in the Contemporary World” at IBC have enrolled almost 100 students. He was dedicated to his students, which they reciprocated by honoring him in 2015 with the Professor Peter Lencsis Adjunct Professor of the Year Award at Sy Syms. 

“Rabbi Ozer Glickman z”l was an intellectual giant who was steeped in Torah knowledge and well versed in multiple disciplines,” said Rabbi Dr. Ari Berman, president of YU. “He excelled at bringing Jewish values to bear on the challenges and opportunities of Jewish living in contemporary society. He was wholly devoted to the religious and personal well-being of his students. His loss is a tragedy for his family, Yeshiva University, and the entire Jewish people.”

“The loss, both personal and to the community, is enormous,” said Jesse Abelman, a student in his Yoreh Deah shiur at RIETS. “Rabbi Glickman’s method of the teaching of halacha was meticulous and unusual. His kindness and generosity of spirit were evident in everything he did. Conversation with him was never a waste, I always learned something new and valuable, and his interest in my work was always genuine and helpful. I will miss him very much.”

Rabbi Glickman received his BA in Philosophy from Columbia University and pursued graduate studies in Philosophy and Religion at the University of Toronto. He also held an MBA in Finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University where he was a University Fellow. Rabbi Glickman studied at Yeshivat Merkaz ha-Rav and received rabbinic ordination from leading rabbinic figures in Israel and the Diaspora. 

He was active both on and off the YU campus. Last December, he led a panel discussion at the Student Medical Ethics Society conference on “The Ethics of Neurotechnologies.In 2015, he spoke at conference for participants in the Orthodox Union Heshe and Harriet Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus (OU-JLIC), delivering a lecture titled, “Modeling Intellectual Orthodoxy in a PC Secular Environment.” On that occasion, he noted, “This is a topic very close to my heart and mind, and these talented men are on the front lines of our community’s ongoing struggle to maintain fidelity to Jewish tradition while engaging with secular culture. Engaging with them was inspiring.”

Rabbi Glickman is survived by his wife Ilana and their children Dov, Dalia, Ron, Maya, Avigayil and Oren.

The funeral will take place on Tuesday, March 20, at 2 p.m. at Guterman Musicant, 402 Park Street, Hackensack, New Jersey, and the burial will be at Cedar Park Cemetery. Shiva will be observed from Tuesday afternoon through Monday morning, March 26, at the Glickman home at 583 Warwick Avenue, Teaneck, New Jersey. May his family find comfort among all who mourn for Zion and Jerusalem.