Introducing OnCourse

New Video Series Highlights Yeshiva University Classes

Welcome to “OnCourse,” a new video series showcasing academic classes across Yeshiva University. Each video will provide a glimpse into a unique YU course and explore the subject matter being taught.

In the premiere installment of “OnCourse,” we feature “Psychological and Social Aspects of Human Communication,” offered for the first time in the fall semester and taught by Dr. Bruno Galantucci, associate professor of psychology. The multidisciplinary class combines psychology, sociology, anthropology and linguistics to examine what really happens when people try to communicate. Having this insight helps make one a more effective communicator, explained Galantucci.

Four weeks into the term Galantucci turned over classroom presentation to the students. “It was very interesting to try to teach a class,” said Elazar Krausz, a Yeshiva College sophomore from Denver, Colorado. “You really understand the material more when you have to give it.”

“The discussions that spin off from those presentations have contributed greatly to my overall understanding of what it means to have a successful human interaction,” added Avery Horovitz, a Yeshiva College sophomore from Ottawa, Canada.

Watch as Galantucci and his students discuss the intricacies of communication and their classroom experiences in the video: