Katz School Launches Master’s Degree in Enterprise Risk Management

Fully Online Program Prepares Graduates to Tackle Strategic and Operational Risks to Future Employers

Yeshiva University announced today that it will offer a master’s degree in enterprise risk management through its Mordecai D. and Monique C. Katz School of Graduate and Professional Studies. The 30-credit, fully online program will equip graduates to steer their future employers through an increasingly unpredictable world to successfully achieve their goals.

“Enterprise risk management is key to survival as businesses and organizations more and more frequently are confronted with the unthinkable,” said Andrew Boyarsky, the program’s director and a veteran of emergency preparedness and response scenarios that range from humanitarian aid programs during the Yugoslavian civil war to deployments for Hurricanes Irene and Sandy in New York City. “Whether you’re working for a governmental organization dealing with a water quality crisis in Flint, Michigan; running the Olympic Games in Rio Di Janeiro with the threat of Zika; a financial institution facing constant cybersecurity threats; or working for a major cell phone manufacturer whose project turns out to have a huge design flaw, enterprise risk management skills are imperative to keep your company on track toward their strategic objectives.”

The master’s program at YU will prepare students to tackle strategic and operational risks to their future employers in addition to the insurable threats traditionally associated with risk management. As such, courses will provide students with an arsenal of skills in areas that range from financial risk modeling, quantitative and qualitative decision-making and project management to cyber security, emergency management and crisis communication.

To give students a true feel for what they may encounter on the job and expose them to cutting-edge issues, classes will be taught and informed by leading practitioners and thinkers in the field, including risk managers from organizations such as FEMA, Deutsche Bank, the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security, Bloomberg and Apple Leisure Group. In addition, students will have the option to take courses that will prepare them to become a Risk Management Society Certified Risk Manager, a highly respected industry credential.

Part-time and full-time tracks are available to help early and mid-level professionals balance the program with career opportunities, which span industries as diverse as information technology, transportation and logistics, allied health and pharmaceutical, consumer products, government and large NGOs and financial services. YU’s location in the heart of New York City will also benefit students, granting them access to leaders in global practices of enterprise risk management.

“Demand for risk management specialists with a strategic, enterprise-wide mindset is steadily growing globally as organizations increasingly face an unpredictable and complex world,” said Dr. Paul Russo, university vice provost and dean of the Katz School. “Large organizations’ long-term success depends on their ability to plan for and manage risks and to recover from unforeseen disasters. Now more than ever, risk managers are key to any organization’s success, as they mitigate the magnitude and likelihood of negative outcomes associated with risks and help their organizations determine the potential upside of new initiatives.”

For more information or to apply, visit www.yu.edu/katz/programs/graduate/ms-risk.