Keep It Secret!

Syms Students Launch Exclusive Luxury Lifestyle Advice Web Site

Yeshiva University students, Jeremy Hodkin and Doron David, have recently launched the KIS Group, a members-only Web site offering exclusive access to videos featuring experts in a variety of fields. Membership to KIS Group, which stands for Keep It Secret, is by invite-only, a strategy Hodkin and David hope will help them target a high-end, savvy demographic.

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“We try to give people behind-the-scenes access to informational and instructional videos from top-level experts,” said Hodkin, a junior at YU’s Syms School of Business double majoring in management and marketing.

While the site currently features videos in categories like fashion, culinary, health & wellness, business, life skills and entertainment, the two plan to roll out another, KIS Back, with videos profiling various charities.

A winner of the McKelvey Scholarship for Entrepreneurship award and the Advanced Placement Scholar award, Hodkin, 20, already has a keen sense of business, having held positions at Backal Hospitality Group, UBS Financial Services and Williams Island Tennis Club, as well as Icon Media Group, a company he founded when he was 16.

David, a friend of Hodkin’s since their middle school days in Hollywood, Florida, was brought in early on by Hodkin to lead the KIS Group through the development and concept stage into a functioning business. The two praise the faculty at Syms for their “guidance and support any time we needed help.”

“Our classes at YU have taught us that ethics and business go hand-in-hand,” said David, 20. “Having a tight-knit community of students and faculty allows us to easily network with people that are able to help us pursue our venture.”

Michael Strauss, entrepreneur-in-residence and clinical professor of management at Syms, worked with Hodkin and David on developing their business plan and sees an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship at Syms. “Our men and women are very driven, highly committed, passionate and laser-focused in whatever they undertake, especially building their own business,” said Strauss.


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