Learning Tomorrow’s Medical Skills Today

Suturing Kit

The Medical Explorers Club Gets to Work With a Practicing Physician

Dr. Barry Hahn at the Medical Explorers ClubOn Wednesday, November 20, in the Yagoda Commons at the Stern College for Women, the Medical Explorers Club (led by co-presidents Michelle Hoch ’20S and Neda Shokrian ’19S) was fortunate to hear from Dr. Barry J. Hahn, an emergency room physician at Staten Island University Hospital, who gave them a first-hand account of his work as well as teaching them some important medical skills.

Dr. Hahn first spoke about a day in his life, complete with a video documenting his journey to and from the hospital as well as some of his usual cases. He proceeded to show the students some of the medical equipment he uses on a daily basis in the hospital, including a sample of an EKG and a demonstration with Ortho-Glass splints. The 40 students in attendance were not only thankful to have the chance to handle and explore the equipment but also engaged by how he shared with them the wisdom and insights he’s gained through his work.

Suturing KitNext, Dr. Hahn conducted a suturing lab. Each student had a banana with an incision in the skin, a set of gloves, a suture set and the other instruments needed to complete the job. As aspiring medical professionals, the students were excited by the opportunity to work directly with the same medical equipment that Dr. Hahn used in his work at the hospital. Esther Vidal ’20S remarked, “As an aspiring physician, this event allowed me to not only broaden my experience in practical medicine but was also so thrilling, serving as a motivational boost at just the right time—in the midst of midterms.”

Dr. Hahn took the time to go to each of the students and show them the proper suturing technique, including how to hold the instruments and how to properly tie the suture knots. Each of the students left the event proud of her work and inspired to continue her journey to a career in medicine.