MafTeach Fellows Complete Their Fellowship

Over the weekends of Feb. 22-23 and Feb. 29-March 1, 2020, fellows from the MafTeach Chinuch Fellowship of the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration completed their final visits to their host schools in Seattle, Chicago and Los Angeles.

The name MafTeach is something of a portmanteau word because it contains both the Hebrew word for key [mafteach] and the English “teach,” meaning that the fellowship aims to open doors into the field of Jewish education.

The program offers juniors and seniors at Yeshiva College and Stern College for Women, especially those who may not have previously considered being teachers, an opportunity to experience careers in Jewish education and get a head start on their graduate work in education. The yearlong fellowship includes an internship at a Jewish day school as well as the opportunity to work with Jewish educators in schools in hosting communities around the country and with Azrieli faculty.

Dr. Deena Rabinovich, chair of the Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies and director of the Legacy Heritage Jewish Educators Project, oversees MafTeach. “This is the second year of the program,” said Dr. Rabinovich, “and its goal is continuing to build interest among undergraduates to consider becoming Jewish educators, especially in communities outside the tri-state area in need of committed teachers.”

In addition to learning many valuable classroom skills, Dr. Rabinovich points out that the program participants also learn about the important social and emotional skills they will need to develop in students once they become teachers.

“The program constitutes one weekend in which they get to meet the school faculty and administrators and get a lay of the land,” Dr. Rabinovich explained. “That is followed by a week of teaching in January. After the internship week is over, the fellows return for the final weekend, which serves as way to further knit the connections they have established within the school and the community.” They live with in the host community and in addition to classroom experience, have the opportunity to meet with educators, administrators, and community leaders.

LA fellows

  • Sarah Engel
  • CJ Glicksman
  • Zechariah Rosenthal
  • Tamar Beer

Chicago fellows

  • Tamar Nissel
  • Chaiy Bodek
  • Larry Levenson
  • Eli Meyers

Seattle fellows

  • Sara Schatz
  • Alison Matofsky
  • Sophia Stepansky
  • Jack Hartstein
  • Eli Hyman
  • Leora Moskowitz