Maximize Your Finance Internship

On Wednesday, June 2, 2021, the Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development and alumni of Yeshiva College and Sy Syms School of Business hosted Maximize Your Finance Internship, an in-person event featuring several alumni working successfully in the finance industry providing guidance to students about to manage their finance internships this summer.

The speakers at the event wanted to emphasize that students must work hard at and be dedicated to their internships in order to achieve the goal of receiving a full-time job offer at the end of the summer. Five alumni and 11 students attended the event, which took place at the private residence of Bennett Schachter (’98SB). Another two students attended via a virtual Zoom link.

Along with Schachter, the alumni panel consisted of Meir Lewis (’98YC), Allen Pfeiffer (’93YC), Nathan Paul (’94YC, ’97C), and Jonathan Weitz (’14YC). Themes for the panel included how to showcase one’s skills most effectively, how to differentiate oneself while on the job and navigating social events with peers from other schools, among others.


(l-r): Allen Pfeiffer, Jonathan Weitz, Bennett Schachter, Meir Lewis, Nathan Paul


“A student’s ultimate goal at their internship this summer should be one thing: getting the full-time offer at the end,” said Lewis. “They should be ready to put forth maximum effort, network effectively, ask the right questions and seek out any opportunity to showcase their skills further. These are just a few of the ways students can position themselves well for success.” Lewis spoke from a 20-year history of working in investment banking and currently serves as a managing director at Nomura Securities International with a responsibility for the business of the financial institutions group in the Americas.

Feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive, with Abigail Lerman ’22SB stating, “I thought that the advice that we received about how to make a good first impression, maximize the chance to receive a full-time offer and balance work obligations with religious observance was invaluable…this program not only provided sound professional guidance, it also allowed us the opportunity to expand our professional network with well-established observant professionals in our field of interest.”

The importance of students receiving feedback was also an important theme of the night, with another alumnus stating, “Students may not realize that managers start thinking about who they would want to hire full-time in as little as two weeks into the internship. A feedback loop is critical so that students can understand where they stand and what they might have to improve upon in order to guarantee the offer.”

The lead event coordinator from the Shevet Glaubach Center for the event was Todd Lotcpeich, director of employer relations & engagement. Lotcpeich was extremely pleased with how the night went: “After being forced to have virtual events for so long, it was amazing to have everyone get together and hear this valuable information from our alumni.”