Meet YU’s Incoming Class

Daniel Gottesman of Lincolnwood, Illinois: Israel Defense Forces Veteran

In the coming weeks, Yeshiva University will welcome hundreds of new students to its undergraduate campuses from across the United States and countries around the world. Meet the incoming class as they share in their own words what excites them about beginning their academic journeys at YU at this year’s Orientation.

Daniel Gottesman
Daniel Gottesman

Where are you from? 

Lincolnwood, Illinois.

Why did you decide to come to Yeshiva University? 

I went to Ida Crown Jewish Academy for high school and studied at Yeshivat Hakotel, and older guys from my schools and from around the community told me how much they enjoyed YU. I thought it would be smart for me to go too.

What are you excited to try at YU?

I’m excited to explore a ton of options. When I visited I was amazed at the amount of clubs and activities going on around campus. I can’t wait to be in a fun, energetic Jewish college environment. Spiritually, between my morning program, night seder and the tishes and chagigot that go on throughout the year, I think there will be many opportunities for me to grow.

What are you passionate about? 

I love reading, playing sports and hanging out with my friends. I have also served in the Givati Brigade of the Israel Defense Forces. I saw it as an opportunity to contribute. My most meaningful experience was probably being on base for Yom Kippur — at home everyone makes their way to their own synagogues, but on base it was very meaningful to see real unity as almost everyone came to the one Beit Knesset.

Knowing that there was a group for IDF Veterans on campus made the decision easier for me too — I knew I could still attend YU after my service.

What are you hoping to do professionally?

I’m not sure yet. For now I’m going to take in all the options at Yeshiva College and narrow it down from there.