Meet YU’s Incoming Class

Elen-Sarrah Dolgopolskaia of Buffalo, New York: Fascinated by Neuroscience

This week, Yeshiva University welcomes hundreds of new students to its undergraduate campuses from across the United States and countries around the world. Meet the incoming class as they share in their own words what excites them about beginning their academic journeys at YU at this year’s Orientation.

elensarrahWhere are you from?

I currently live in Buffalo, New York; however I was born in Moscow, Russia, and have lived in California and Kansas.

Why did you decide to come to YU?

I’ve always known about YU from the various Jewish communities I’ve been a part of. But this past year in Israel, while learning in Migdal Oz, I decided I wanted my Jewish learning and community to be a central aspect of my college experience. I went to public school in Buffalo for the majority of middle school and all of my high school experience, so I am very excited for this transition to a dual-curriculum, Torah U’Madda-based university!

What are you looking forward to at YU?

I’m excited to major in the neuroscience track, as well as have the opportunity to take the fascinating Judaic courses. I am also looking forward to exploring the student newspaper, the neuroscience society, the Beit Midrash Committee, and to trying out the other interesting activities offered. I hope to keep my values and interest in Judaism alive, even while involved in rigorous class work. I hope to always actively learn and be surrounded by people who share similar ideals.

What are you passionate about?

I really enjoy meeting new people, reading, working with kids, playing violin, and running/jumping in track.

What are you hoping to do professionally?

I’m hoping to do research in neuroscience or go into psychiatry or psychology. The way humans think really fascinates me, and I’d like to contribute to this growing field.