Mikey Butler’s Battle Against Cystic Fibrosis was an Inspiration

Mikey never missed a chance to share his passion for drumming at NCSY Shabbatonim.

Jan 27, 2004 — The Yeshiva University community is saddened by the passing of Mikey Butler, a Yeshiva College alumnus and friend of many. A memorial was held Tuesday, January 27 at 12 pm in Lamport Auditorium on YU’s Wilf Campus.

Chancellor Norman Lamm delivered a hesped (eulogy) for Mikey, calling him a legend. He lived a life of Torah and ahavat habriot (concern for others), and accomplished more in his 24 years than most people accomplish in a lifetime. “Mikey had legions of admirers and evoked the better angels of our nature.”

Dr. Lamm said that Mikey Butler is a role model for us all in his courageous battle over his illness. “His example challenges us to overcome difficulties in our own lives and persevere in our commitment to Torah values.”

Shira Reifman of NCSY and Yaakov Green, close friends of Mikey, spoke eloquently of how he touched their lives and enriched the lives of others.

Mikey’s funeral took place in Pittsburgh at Congregation Poale Zedek at 12:30 pm. A delegation of more than 150 Yeshiva University students led by President Richard M. Joel and Vice President for University Life Hillel Davis attended the funeral.

Refael Michael Yitzchok ben Nechama Sarah (1979-2004)

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