Morton Lowengrub, Who Has Spearheaded Academic Growth for Eight Years, Is Named Provost

Dr. Morton Lowengrub joined YU in 1999.

Aug 27, 2007 — President Richard M. Joel has announced that he has promoted Morton Lowengrub, PhD, to the position of provost and senior vice president for academic affairs.

“Dr. Lowengrub is invaluable to me and the university as our chief academic officer and as a passionate partner in actualizing the idea that is Yeshiva University,” President Joel said. “Dr. Lowengrub is the key part of a wonderful leadership team that works on our behalf. A serious scholar and professor of mathematics and leader of our faculty and deans since 1999, Dr. Lowengrub has had a profound impact on the academic enterprise of Yeshiva University. His door is always open to faculty and students, and his commitment and dedication have been instrumental to our efforts.”

A graduate of NYU, Dr. Lowengrub holds a master’s degree from California Institute of Technology and a doctorate in mathematics from Duke University. He joined the Indiana University faculty in 1967 and held a series of administrative positions, including chairman of the mathematics department, dean for research and graduate development, and director of the Institute of Advanced Study. He was named dean of the 27,000-student College of Arts and Sciences in 1988.

Dr. Lowengrub has written or co-authored several books and monographs and a number of scholarly articles in the field of applied mathematics dealing with mathematical theory of elasticity, mixed boundary value problems, and integral equations. He has also held several prestigious fellowships and won a series of awards for excellence in teaching and research.

In his position as vice president for academic affairs at YU, he was responsible for overseeing and coordinating academic programs at YU’s three undergraduate and six graduate schools. Academic programming and faculty have significantly broadened under his stewardship.

President Joel said, “His new title reflects his rightful place in our university and in university life.”

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