Moving History Forward – In Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. gave hope to an America fulfilling its foundational premise and historic promise that all men are created equal. In his stirring words, he powerfully expressed two of our core Torah values: Torat Adam (human dignity) and Torat Tziyon (redemption).

Rooting his thoughts in the Hebrew Bible, he cited the verse in Genesis as the source for equality for all races and peoples, as each individual is created in “God’s divine image.”

And quoting liberally from the Hebrew prophets, he spoke of the moral arc of history which ultimately “bends toward justice.”

These positive Torah values pervade our education, fusing a lofty sense of human capacity with an inspiring commitment to reach out and help others. We seek to cultivate in our students and within our broader community a deep-seated belief in our collective capacity to fashion meaningful lives for ourselves and for one another. As fellow children of God, all of humanity is charged with a common, overarching goal – to redeem the world and transform it for the better; to birth a world suffused by justice, goodness, prosperity and transcendence.

The life, legacy and stirring words of Dr. King remind us of our very own capacity to bend, shape and construct the trajectory of our society. Let us use this day then as a source of profound inspiration to strengthen our efforts to move history forward.


Picture of MLK with arc of justice quote