New Site Showcases YU Faculty Authors

Works Range from the Rav to Rebounding, Cooking to Creation

Pathways to happiness, post-modern American fiction, policy analysis for social workers, the history of the synagogue during the Greco-Roman period and a comparative look at the scriptural interpretations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are among the topics covered by YU faculty in the publications showcased on YU Books.

The ever-growing list of impactful, insightful and inspiring works of scholarship illustrates the depth and breadth of faculty expertise. Each entry has a précis of the book’s content as well as purchasing information.

As a window into YU classrooms and conferences, libraries and laboratories, batei midrash [study halls] and basketball courts, YU Books serves as a user-friendly portal of entry into the expanding body of knowledge being produced by the professors, rabbis and administrators of Yeshiva University.

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