Orientation 2019 Recap

From August 20 to August 25, 2019, YU buzzed with excitement as students new and old arrived on campus to start the next phase of their academic journeys.

As they made their way through selecting courses, schlepping suitcases into dorm rooms and navigating the rules and regulations of the University, they also had plenty of chances to meet new friends and old friends and ease into campus life through the many events and activities set up by the Office of Student Life, such as meals, prayer times and Shabbat celebrations, tours, information sessions on everything from security to technology to academic advisement, cruises and scavenger hunts and Coney Island, chesed [charity] activities, such as repainting a playground, and, to top it all off, a welcome back barbecue (see the YouTube video and Flickr galleries below).

2019 Welcome Back BBQ

2019 Wilf Orientation

2019 Beren Orientation