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Students Present Annual Seforim Sale, North America’s Largest Jewish Book Sale, Feb. 6-27

The students of Yeshiva University will hold their annual Seforim Sale, North America’s largest Jewish book sale, from February 6 to 27 in Belfer Hall, 2495 Amsterdam Ave on YU’s Wilf Campus in Manhattan.

Seforim SaleLast year the acclaimed Judaica book sale drew more than 15,000 people from the tri-state area and grossed nearly $1 million in sales. The annual event provides discounted prices on the latest of more than 10,000 titles in rabbinic and academic literature, cookbooks, children’s books, music and lecture CDs, and educational software.

The sale is operated entirely by YU students—from ordering to setting up the premises, marketing and all the technology the project entails.

Tzvi Feifel, CEO of the Seforim Sale and a self-described bibliophile, began volunteering at the sale two years ago and believes the experience has been educational and rewarding.“The fact that I can come here and run such a large operation is truly special,” said Feifel, who is majoring in music at Yeshiva College. “Where else can I get that experience except for Yeshiva University?”

The Seforim Sale has become a highlight for the Yeshiva University community, as students, alumni and members of the community congregate to visit their alma mater, see old friends and add books to their personal libraries. Proceeds from the sale support various initiatives, including student activities on campus and undergraduate scholarships.

This year, the sale will also benefit the rehabilitation of the Carmel forest after the largest fire in Israel’s history. “We will be selling trees at the sale through the Jewish National Fund to be planted in Northern Israel,” said Jonathan Korman, the sale’s COO and an accounting major at Sy Syms School of Business. “This is a cause that everyone can really get behind.”

Scheduled events at the sale include:

  • Alumni Family Day on Feb. 13
  • Live musical performances by YU’s own a cappella group, The Y-Studs, Feb. 8; Six13, Feb.10;  Aryeh Kunstler, Feb. 19; and Ta Shma, Feb. 24
  • A lecture by Avrohom Ratner entitled, “Are Matches Really Made in Heaven? The Rambam’s Understanding of Bashert” on Feb. 20
  • Alumni Author Night on Feb. 9
  • Torah Letzion’s Third Annual Raffle on Feb. 16
  • Bone marrow drives on Feb. 19 and 26

Those who cannot attend the sale can take advantage of the great prices and vast catalog selection by ordering online on the Seforim Sale’s Web site. For a complete listing of dates and times, to purchase gift certificates or to view the online catalog, visit

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