President Joel: Anti-Semitism Cannot and Must Not Stand

As president of Yeshiva University, the largest Jewish university outside the State of Israel, and as a human being, I am appalled by both the rise in Anti-Semitic incidences around the country and those who are perpetrating these heinous acts. And as an institution, Yeshiva University fully and unabashedly condemns them. Anti-Semites are part of a coalition of hate-filled, vulgar individuals and groups who seek to foment division, and to pervert values of humanity, decency and civility. There can be no finessing our response as human beings, as a college community, and as a nation. We – and our country’s leaders – must be declarative in our words and our actions to eradicate such immorality. We – and our country’s leaders – must be unwavering: Anti-Semitism cannot and must not stand. Intolerance cannot and must not stand. Core to our values is that each individual is created in the image of G-d. We cannot allow the foundations of civilization to be breached.

Richard M. Joel
Bravmann Family University Professor
Yeshiva University