President Richard Joel and Three YU Undergraduate Deans Visit Israel

Jan 14, 2004 — Yeshiva University President Richard M. Joel traveled to Israel in January to meet with American students studying abroad, dignitaries, and other officials. His trip is part of a broader effort outlined in several speeches to build upon the strong ties between Israel and YU.

President Joel was accompanied by Dr. Karen Bacon, the Monique C. Katz Dean of Stern College for Women; Dr. Norman Adler, dean of Yeshiva College; and Dr. Charles Snow, dean of Sy Syms School of Business.

In Israel, President Joel visited Bar-Ilan University and was hosted by its President Moshe Kaveh. Later, President Joel dined with US Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer, a 1971 graduate of YC, and his wife, Sheila.

In his investiture speech President Joel imagined an invigorated relationship between YU and Israel, saying, “Let’s review our curricular offerings dealing with Israel and enrich them. Let’s work to offer more internships in Israel, more extracurricular support for Israeli programming, and appropriate relationships with Israeli universities and educational institutions.”

President Joel visited and spoke at both men’s and women’s yeshivas, including Midreshet HaRova, Yeshivat Shaalvim, Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim, Shaarei Mevaseret Zion, Reishit Yerushalayim, and Yeshivat Har Etzion. On Jan. 13, President Joel visited Tel HaShomer Hospital with students and later davened (prayed) at the Kotel (Western Wall) with students.

The YU contingent also visited a laboratory near the Dead Sea where tachelet (Biblical blue dye) is manufactured for coloring tzitzit ( fringes on a four-cornered garment worn by men as a Biblical commandment to recall the exodus from Egypt).

President Joel and Deans Bacon, Adler, and Snow returned from Israel on Jan. 15.

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