Rabbis Lamm, Brander, YU alumni at White House Hanukkah Celebration

Dec 10, 2004 — The distinguished group of rabbis invited to the White House to celebrate the lighting of the White House Hanukkah candles by President George Bush included Chancellor Norman Lamm and YU’s soon-to-be Dean of the Center for the Jewish Future, Rabbi Kenneth Brander.

President Bush thanked Rabbi Brander for bringing a beautiful menorah to the White House from the Boca Raton Synagogue. The President noted, “Every generation since Judah Maccabee has looked on these candles and recalled the sacrifices that are made for freedom. And in every generation, these lights have warmed the hearts of those not yet free.”

President Bush also thanked “the gentlemen from Kol Zimra, who will help us say the blessings over the candles and bless all of us with their music.”

The “gentlemen from Kol Zimra” are an extraordinary group of singers, one of whom is Max Frenkel, who grew up in Belarus, went to YUSSR camp, enrolled in YU, graduating from Sy Syms School of Business in 2002. The other members of the Kol Zimra group are YU alumni as well.

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