Real Estate Speed Networking

For students looking to build a career in real estate, the YU Career Center, along with the YU Real Estate Club and YU Networking Club, put together an innovative event on Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2019, where participants had the chance to pitch professionals in the field and get answers to their questions.

Matthew Garcia rings the bell

In the Sky Café, each of nine tables was commanded by a real estate professional, at which sat a number of students with résumés, proposals and queries in hand.

When Matthew Garcia, associate director at the Career Center, rang a small bell, the room burst into spirited discussion. When Garcia rang the bell again six minutes later, the people at one table rotated to the next table, and the discussion continued at a fast and furious pace.

By the end of nine rotations, the students had received the gift of an hour-long Grade-A tutorial in all aspects of the industry. The full networking session that followed offered them an additional opportunity to exchange ideas and contacts and expand their knowledge.

Joseph Baum (left), CEO and President of Dual Fuel Corp., speaks with YU students

Professionals in Attendance:

  • Ohad Babo (Associate Director & Training Manager), GFI Realty Services, LLC
  • Jeff Baum (Director of Equity Capital Markets), Harborview Capital Partners
  • Jospeh Bohm (CEO/President), Dual Fuel Corp.
  • Dennis Gindi (Assistant Property Manager), MD Squared Property Group, LLC
  • Michael Meier (Principal Broker & Coach), Meier International Real Estate
  • Eli Osdoba (Real Estate Broker), Meier International Real Estate
  • Adam Parkoff (Principal), Parkoff Organization
  • Charles Silver (Senior Originator), Harborview Capital Partners
  • Avi Skidelsky (Financial Data Analyst), Harborview Capital Partners