Representatives from Bush and Kerry Campaigns Speak at Beren Campus to Garner Support

Mark Green shares his views with students during Tuesday's event.

Oct 27, 2004 — Students packed the Commons at 215 Lexington Ave. on the Beren Campus Tuesday evening to hear campaign representatives for President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry discuss the candidates’ foreign policy views.

The debate, hosted by the Israel Club and the Political Science Club, featured Mark Green, co-chair of Kerry’s New York State campaign, and Beth Spanier, a Republican activist and speaker.

While some students were still undecided, others attended out of curiosity.

Bella Belsky, a Stern junior who interned at the Republican National Convention, said she needed clarification about Kerry’s stance on Israel.

“I have heard that he is pro-Israel, but I have also heard him make conflicting statements so I want to hear what they have to say,” she said.

Stern junior Shani Fruchter said the speakers could still change her vote.

“Im pretty decided, but I could still change my mind,” she said.

But Yeshiva College freshman Michael Rand, a native of Hollywood, FL, said while he has already voted through an absentee ballot, he had concerns regarding Kerry’s foreign policy plan.

“I want to find out if the Democrats have a legitimate plan for Iraq and if it actually differs from Bush’s,” he said.

Bryan Daves, assistant professor of Political Science at Stern College, moderated and formulated questions posed to each representative. Questions focused on policies concerning Israel, Iraq, Sudan, and the role of the United States within the United Nations.

“Eight years of a Clinton administration has led to the worst possibilities for peace in the Middle East,” Spanier said in her closing statement. “Bush will not allow the United States to be coerced into not defending Israel.”

Green, who urged students to consider a multitude of issues when casting their votes, said: “John Kerry has a better domestic agenda. While both candidates are ardent supporters of Israel, only one (Kerry) is a friend of the domestic social agenda of the Jewish community.”

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