Respected Academic Adviser Leaving Yeshiva University

Peter Knothe, Academic Advising, SymsPeter Knothe, Yeshiva University’s highly popular academic adviser, has announced he will be leaving YU on Jan. 15, much to the disappointment of students, faculty and the administration.

Having been at the University for over 10 years, with the last 4½ years as a crucial member of the advising team at Sy Syms School of Business, Knothe was always so much more than an academic adviser to his appreciative students. He helped them work through their varied concerns, such as which major to choose, academic challenges, pressure from parents or getting counseling for personal issues, with an uncanny ability to blend the bigger picture and smaller details into useful advice and insightful guidance.

Universally admired for going above and beyond to help his students, he did his work with a positive attitude, a sense of humor, and an always-open door, showing through his every action that he genuinely loved working with students. As he mentioned in an interview some years back, his mission as an academic adviser was “to do all that was within my power to help students.”

“I will really miss the energy, creativity and humor of the YU students and very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them,” said Knothe. “I am confident that YU will always produce the best students to make meaningful contributions to their community and beyond.”

His commitment, professionalism, valuable guidance and unlimited compassion will most definitely be missed.