Retelling the Passover Story

Student Organization of Yeshiva – Jewish Studies Council Publishes Haggadah with Divrei Torah by YU Roshei Yeshiva, Faculty and Students

Just in time for Passover, Yeshiva University’s Student Organization of Yeshiva – Jewish Studies Council (SOY-JSC) has published And You Shall Transmit to Your Children, a collection of divrei Torah on the Haggadah from renowned Torah scholars at YU. The book features contributions from Roshei Yeshiva, including Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Nathan and Vivian Fink Distinguished Professorial Chair in Talmud; Rabbi Mordechai Willig, Rabbi Dr. Sol Roth Chair in Talmud and Contemporary Halacha; Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter, University Professor of Jewish History and Jewish Thought; Rabbi Shalom Carmy, assistant professor of Jewish philosophy and Bible; and Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Jeremy Wieder, among others.

haggadahTopics include the halachic aspects of the seder, the rituals of mechirat chametz [selling leavened food] and korban pesach [the Passover sacrifice], and the history of the seder in Jewish experience.

“We hope this Haggadah, with the combined efforts and divrei Torah of both YU students and their rabbeim, will help spark experiential connections at seders across the country,” said Isaac Attia, president of SOY-JSC. “As I will soon be graduating YU, it’s uplifting to know that I will have a part of Yeshiva to accompany me at my family’s seder every year.”

The Haggadah also features side-by-side commentary from current YU students and a foreword by YU President Richard M. Joel.

“The goal of a university may be simply to provoke questions, but the goal of a yeshiva must be to find answers as well,” President Joel wrote. “At YU, questioning is a means that leads to a profound goal – the creation of a noble student who is prepared to enrich society by living and representing profound and sacred values. We want our students to graduate ennobled with a timeless wisdom that will contribute meaning to their lives and to Western civilization. We must remain with the simple taste of matzah – with the values that inform our personal lives and enrich the larger world in which we live.”

The Haggadah is available for purchase in YU’s Jacob and Dreizel Glueck Center for Jewish Study or online. Contact for more information.