Samantha Berger and Judge Eric Prus

NAME: Samantha Berger ’20SB
MAJOR: Finance (with a minor in management)
HOMETOWN: Chicago, Illinois

Pre-law Samantha Berger worked for Judge Eric Prus in the Kings County Supreme Court Civil Term. “I spent most of my time observing court proceedings along with my fellow interns. We listen to arguments made by lawyers, statements made by witnesses and rulings made by the judge. After the calendar was finished, we’d meet with Judge Prus in chambers to ask questions and discuss different observations made throughout the day.”

This was the perfect way to spend a day for someone who has known for a while that she wanted to enter the field of law. “I’ve never really had the opportunity to experience what life as a lawyer is truly like, and while the experience is not always as exciting as Law & Order depicts it,” she observed, “I have witnessed real people with real struggles appear before the court and receive justice.”

While interning for a judge doesn’t seem directly related to her major, “my business education has proven to be pretty helpful in my internship. A majority of the cases I witnessed and read documents on have multiple issues regarding money and assets. My financial classes at YU provided me with a base knowledge that enabled me to understand what the monetary issues were and how they could be logically resolved.”

Next fall, Samantha hopes to be on her way to law school, “and this internship will have been an incredible experience that will help me stand out.”