Shabbat Table Discussions

Center for the Jewish Future Introduces Series Designed to Enhance the Shabbat Experience

Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF) has launched a monthly series of pamphlets on issues of values and ethics designed for Shabbat table discussions with children, teenagers and adults.

“With today’s hectic tempo of life, we often struggle to find appropriate and natural ways to discuss meaningful topics with our children,” said Rabbi Kenneth Brander, David Mitzner Dean of the CJF. “The home functions as the richest learning environment and parents serve as the ultimate educators. The Shabbat table represents a powerful educational forum
where we can engage our families in discussion about the values and lessons that shape us as people and guide us in every aspect of life.”

The first issue deals with “The Ethics of Waiting in Line” and can be downloaded at YU Torah.

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