Shira Levitt and Being an Inclusion Counselor

NAME: Shira Levitt ’21S
MAJOR: Studio Art
HOMETOWN: Silver Spring, Maryland

Portrait of Shira LevittThe effort to make life more inclusive for those with disabilities has made great strides over the last several decades, in great measure because of the kind of work done by people like Shira Levitt. She worked at the Bender JCC day camp in Rockville, Maryland, as an “inclusion counselor,” where she shadowed a child with a disability to help him integrate into a traditional camp setting.

“What I loved most about my job,” she observed, “is that I felt like I was making a difference in the lives of not only the kids with disabilities in camp but also for the other kids. I was helping them learn that just because someone is different doesn’t mean they should be separated or isolated.”

She also found an unexpected benefit for her artistic work and a possible new career path. “The job improved my creativity, an essential aspect of being an art major, by putting me in a unique position to be able to help kids understand each other. It has also made me consider minoring in special education and, on a broader scale, made me rethink my overall career goals and how I can use my artistic talents to help those with disabilities.”

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