START! Makes Strides

Teaching in Local Public Schools, Yeshiva University Students Make Science Fun

Some of the best and brightest college students in the nation teach science in Washington Heights public schools.

For free.

Each week, Yeshiva University (YU) students volunteer in three Washington Heights public schools, teaching the beauty and magic of science, technology, math and engineering to children.

Now START! (Students Teachers And Researchers Teach) is expanding—both internationally and nationally.

The YU program is offering its resources to other universities, including seed money, information on where to purchase materials and ideas for modules. The program is being adopted by the University of Iowa and York University in Toronto, Canada.

“We ask in return that they give us ideas also, so that we can build this intellectual community—this community of thinkers, of innovators, of teachers,” said Yair Saperstein.

Saperstein loves science and teaching. He co-founded the project when he was a chemistry student at YU. Read the full article in the Manhattan Times

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