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Yeshiva Students Pitch In at Local NYC Public School Science Labs

The students of the Yeshiva University Chapter of the American Chemical Society, along with other chemistry, biology, physics and engineering majors, have partnered with YU professors and researchers of various disciplines to form Project START (Students, Teachers and Researchers Teach) Science! As part of the program, YU students and faculty visit the local Washington Heights Academy / P.S. 366 on a weekly basis to teach fifth-graders about various scientific topics.

NY1 reports… One day last week, fifth-grade students at P.S. 366 in Washington Heights spent the morning engrossed in a chemistry experiment in a brand new, state-of-the-art science lab – one of two at the school. It was the kind of hands-on science that might turn around the city’s dismal middle school science scores.


“You could have fun but at the same time you are still gaining a lot of knowledge by just doing, more than just reading out of a textbook,” said student Zeny Gatdule.

But that was the only time they have used this lab. That’s because there’s no budget for a full-time science teacher. It’s a void students from Yeshiva University noticed when they came to perform a magic show.

“They weren’t getting a more fun, hands-on creative experience in science,” said Yeshiva University student Yair Saperstein.

So the college students volunteered to conduct several science labs this spring. Read full article at NY1…

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