START Science! Honored by All the Way

Yeshiva University Volunteer Teaching Program Recognized for Contributions to Local Community

The All the Way program, a long-term support system that invests in students at PS 132 and IS 143 in Washington Heights by providing scholarships and resources to help them succeed in school, held a June 11 celebratory event that congratulated high school graduates, incoming students, and many other participants of the program on Yeshiva University’s Wilf Campus.

YU’s START Science! Program was one of several initiatives recognized at the event for its contributions to the success of the public schools students. START Science!, which stands for Students, Teachers and Researchers Teach, is a student-run program that brings science enrichment to public school students in the community.

START Science! Student leaders Daniel Schwab ’15YC and Devora Schloss ’15S, along with Dean Karen Bacon, Dean Barry Eichler, Professor Raji Viswanathan and START Science! supporter Norman Bickoff, accepted an award that thanked the program for its efforts to inspire students to improve and excel in science. The event also honored All the Way’s founder Dennis Mehiel, as well as the Honorable H. Carl McCall, chairman of the State University of New York Board of Trustees and Itzetht Testa-Sanchez, Education Program Specialist at the US Department of Education.

“The All the Way program expresses its gratitude to YU and to the departments that provides their students to come to our schools to provide one on one instruction,” said Elena Narlis, executive director of the All the Way Program. “Their assistance has helped our program develop into a cycle that has ended with the graduation of our students at Stony Brook University.”

START Science! is part of the Heights Initiative, a program that offers students the opportunity to give back and make an impact on the local community surrounding the Wilf Campus.  Since its foundation in 2011, it has conducted hundreds of interactive science experiments with local students in Washington Heights public schools. This past academic year, more than 300 Yeshiva University undergraduate volunteers worked in seven classrooms each week and taught over 100 modules to students at PS 132.

Tamar Golubtchik ’16S, student leader of the program for the 2015-16 academic year, said that there are plans to add more volunteers and modules to classrooms in the neighborhood. Throughout her involvement, she has seen the program’s impact first-hand.  “When I am in the classroom for an entire semester, I am able to see the growth of the students and watch as they not only grasp the material, but thoroughly enjoy interacting with science and the volunteers.”

Norman Bickoff, START Science!’s benefactor had the chance to meet the students that have benefited from START Science!

“As a real-estate developer for inner-city housing projects, I utilize the lessons I learned from YU about performing chessed [acts of kindness] and practicing tikkun olam [reparing the world] on a daily basis,” Bickoff said. “I look forward to continued success and I thank Yeshiva University for allowing me to be part of this one of a kind program.”