Stern College Honors Students Gain Valuable Experience Participating in Summer ’22 Internships

This past summer, students from the S. Daniel Honors Program at Stern College for Women, directed by Dr. Cynthia Wachtell, participated in internships that gave them hands-on experience and helped build their résumés and professional networks.

Below is a description from the students, in their own words, about their internships.

Jennifer Peled ’24S, Major: Computer Science

I interned for Microsoft in app development as part of Microsoft’s New Technologists program, an internship geared towards students from underrepresented universities. Over the course of seven weeks, we were taught front-end programming which we used to create our own app concepts. My team worked on an app designed to help people with cognitive disabilities manage daily tasks and social situations. During the internship, I was mentored by a software engineer and a project manager from Microsoft.

I heard about the program and applied for it through The Shevet Glaubach Center for Career Strategy and Professional Development at YU, so I’m super appreciative to them for sending out the opportunity!


Hannah (Chani) Shulman ’24S, Major: Art History, Minor: Business Strategy

This summer, I interned for a startup called GWI, a market research firm that conducts syndicated data analysis to provide insights to companies on their target consumers.

I found the internship through LinkedIn and was drawn to it for the opportunity to work at a growth-oriented business-to-business company currently preparing for its Initial Public Offering (IPO). While the company is only a few years old, it has an impressive client list which includes the likes of Netflix, Disney, Apple, Microsoft, and more.

The internship ran on a hybrid model in which I worked remotely two days a week and was on-site in the NYC office three days a week – which was only a twenty-minute walk from Stern! They designed the internship to be a rotational program, where the interns (three of us) spent each of the eight weeks on a different team. I had the chance to work with the data analyst team, the HR team, the marketing team, the new business sales team, the account management team, and the customer success team. The internship was very helpful in pointing me towards potential career paths to pursue.


Nicole Malamed ’24S, Major: Neuroscience

I am a pre-med student from Uruguay and participated in an internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, working with the Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium in the administration of the IRONMAN and DORA Trials.

The PCCTC is a company that focuses on advancing treatment for patients with advanced prostate cancer and is in charge of various clinical trials taking place in more than 200 sites internationally.  Some of my responsibilities included:

  • Assisting as needed in the research operations and data management of the DORA and IRONMAN Projects.
  • Worked alongside the Correlative Studies team as needed.
  • Was a member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team whose goal it is to ensure that every person is properly included in the clinical trials and they exhibit a diverse population; and the Racism and Injustice Working Group, whose job it is to teach and inform so treatment can be of the highest quality for all patients.

I found this amazing internship through LinkedIn and was later contacted by the company for a Zoom interview. It was a pleasure working for this amazing company and I highly recommend other pre-med students to be a part of it.


Liora Rahmani24S, Major: Biochemistry

This summer, I interned as a research assistant in Dr. Amit Lotan’s Lab of Biological Psychiatry at Hadassah Hospital in Israel. I found this opportunity through the OU-JLIC Ascend program.

Dr. Lotan’s lab is studying the effect of glial activation and depression in wild type and transgenic mice. We conducted a number of behavioral experiments with the mice to determine whether neuroinflammation is a possible link between Alzheimer’s and depression. Through the internship, I had the opportunity to work closely with several researchers and became immersed in a lab in Israel, allowing me to truly experience Israeli culture while gaining professional experience and skills.

Congratulations to these four amazing students for landing impressive internships and their success in preparing for their future careers.