Sy Syms School of Business Annual Gala Awards Ceremony

May 2 Event Will Celebrate School’s 30th Anniversary

On Wednesday, May 2, the Sy Syms School of Business will hold its annual awards gala at Espace in New York City. Organized by the Sy Syms School of Business Student Council, this year’s event will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the school, and the dinner will feature a specially produced video of the significant people and events in the school’s three-decade history.

Yael Saban, student council president, is especially excited about the opportunity to demonstrate the remarkable accomplishments of the school. “Sy Syms School of Business has had a great deal of influence on business education,” she said, “and we want to put that greatness on display. That’s why we wanted to do a special video presentation, so that we could take pride in the value the school has added to the world over the last 30 years.”

“All the Sy Syms student council gala dinners are important,” said Michael Strauss, interim dean of Sy Syms, “but this celebrates a significant milestone in the school’s history. Because of the generosity of Sy Syms three decades ago, the business school named after him has achieved renown on both the undergraduate and graduate levels for offering students an education that not only makes them market-ready but also prepares them to navigate the ethical challenges of a modern economy. With this mature foundation set, the school is now ready to continue expanding and improving its undergraduate and graduate offerings so that the education it provides is always relevant, forward-looking and morally dynamic.”

Tickets can be purchased here.